E cigarette

E cigarettes are not just becoming a popular deterrent from smoking harmful cigarettes, but they are providing an alternate smoking option as well, for those that feel the need, especially among the millennial crowd. There has been a growing number of teenagers and young adults who have taken to the electronic version of smoking, also known as vaping.

An Alternative to Smoking
Any alternative to the poisonous and chemical-filled white tobacco sticks is welcome. E cigarettes involve inhaling the vapours that contain nicotine.

The way it works is that there is a cartridge that contains a liquid combination of nicotine and a base, which is usually propylene glycol. The E cigarette’s heating element vaporizes the liquid, releasing the aerosol that is inhaled by the user.

One advantage of the electronic cigarette is that it only contains a fraction of the harmful elements that are found in the original tobacco variety. Smokers who are looking for a way to quit could try vaping as an alternative method of kicking the cigarette butt.

Cause for Concern?
E cigarettes have been aggressively marketed as a tool to quit smoking. And for most part, it is probably true. But there have been concerns regarding this new method.

No smoking tobacco, smoking e-cigarette.

The first concern is that the electronic version still contains nicotine and does not offer a decreasing dosage of the addictive substance like nicotine patches do. Those who try E cigarettes instead of the tobacco version may just end up getting hooked on the former.

The second concern is from a health standpoint. Vaping allows for many flavours, which has become an attraction with the young crowd. The flavours could contain additional harmful chemicals.

Should You Try It?
Vaping must only be considered as one step in your progress towards quitting the cigarette habit. The electronic version must not be viewed as a replacement for your old habit. It will only be helpful if you bear this in mind.

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